Thursday, December 15, 2011

Flight Pro Sim Review - A Top Flight Simulator

For a while, this simulator has been considered to be at the leading end of flight simulators available to the public.
During this particular article I will cover what makes this incredible simulator stand out from the competition.
Ranging from old military jets to a Cessna to helicopters to even a Zeppelin there is enough variety of aircraft available to keep you busy for a long time.

The Ability To Communicate With Other Users Of The System

A popular feature that is now included with this particular flight simulation software is the ability to talk with other people who are using the same flight simulator.
Not only is this a great gaming feature it also introduces you to a group of like minded individuals.
In this software you can create any type of situation that you could possible think of and be able to practice those emergency situations.

The Military End Of Flight Pro Sim

With this program you are able to take advantage of the military aspects of the game which includes landing and taking off from an aircraft carrier.
The ability to refuel your military aircraft at ten thousand feet is an event reserved for the very best pilots.

The decision is now up to you in where you want to travel.

Final Thoughts

It is pretty easy to see why Flight Pro Sim is always at the top of the list when the talk turns to flight simulators.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Flight Simulator Google Earth Vs Pro Flight Simulator

This program is controlled by really sophisticated personal computer technology and may be played from your really own personal computer. Inside the aviation industry, flight simulations are conducted to train pilots and flight crew or to aid inside the design and development of both civil and military aircraft.

Now, let’s take a take a look at the two flight simulation systems to see which one works best for your purposes.

It really is straightforward enough to access the hidden flight simulator Google Earth has to offer. The flight simulator Google Earth comes with two types of aircraft to fly – the F16 Viper as well as the a lot more manageable SR22 4-seater plane. This simulator is fairly straightforward when flight control is concerned, but it’s very best feature is that it enables you to fly over real images of your chosen locations.

Aside from the flight simulator Google Earth has to supply, you may also need to give the Pro Flight simulator a try.

You’ll be able to fly the original contraption flown by the Wright Brothers themselves or pick a more modern military fighter planes. Even the airports are all reality-based, which means that you get the correct runway markings and placement too as accurate runway and approach lighting.

This means that should you pick to fly an aircraft that experiences lag in reality, then you’ll be able to anticipate to experience the same lag within your virtual flight. In short, the ProFlight simulator gives you with a fully 3D, fully animated, and fully interactive cockpit.